Klere-Treat WB - Premium Grade Water Repellent


Commercial Grade Water Repellent

A good water repellent or brick sealer will protect and extend the life of brick and masonry.  This includes protection from salt as well as dirt and stains.  A chimney leak is a common entry point for water to seep into brick, mortar and stone causes varying issues from efflorescence and mineral staining to cracking and spalling due to freezing temperatures.  The deep penetrating formula retains the natural appearance of the surface without any build up or darkening effects. The masonry remains completely breathable and unchanged in appearance.

Brick Sealer:

Klere-Treat WB is a water based masonry water repellent based on a silane/siloxane blend.  Chemically reacting with masonry such as brick, block, natural and blue stone, Klere-Treat WB forms a highly hydrophobic repellent. It is highly alkaline resistant and designed for use on brick, concrete block, precast concrete, stucco, limestone, field stone and many other natural stones.

Most Common Uses:

  • Stop chimney leaks
  • Seal brick buildings
  • Stucco water repellent
  • Mortar joint sealer

Klere-Treat WB can also be applied to parking garages, side walks, flat concrete or masonry surfaces to greatly increase protection from salt.


  • Deep Penetration into surfaces
  • Protection from salt
  • Non-film forming
  • Does non contain wax, gum resins, silicas or silicones
  • Klere-Treat WB does not break down due to alkali in masonry.
  • Resists water penetration for 10 years
  • Highly resistant to acid rain
  • Safe water based formula, water cleanup
  • No toxic fumes or vapors


If the surface has already been sealed with a water repellent or you are unsure if there is a sealer present we recommend using solvent based Enviro-Shield 40%.  A water based sealer will repel itself if still present within the masonry.   This will not happen with the solvent based formula.

Coverage Rate:

Brick, Stucco, Concrete: 150 ft² per gallon

Block, Split Face CMU: 100 ft² per gallon

Further Protection:

Sealing the masonry surface will prevent water and moisture from penetrating the surface.  Water will also migrate in through cracks in joints or mortar, leaking roofs or dozen other ways.  Weep holes are an important part of keeping a building dry by allowing trapped moisture to escape.  Our Drain Only Weep Tubes efficiently wick away moisture while at the same time preventing insects, dirt and debris from entering the weep holes.