Epoxy Coat 154 Clear 


Clear Epoxy Coat 154 –

Clear Epoxy Coat 154 is a clear two component solvent based epoxy coating that exhibits excellent characteristics for abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, and substrate penetration.  This product is suitable as a primer for high build coatings and urethanes and meets the new VOC requirements for New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and other states as an industrial maintenance coating.

Recommended For:

Recommended for priming concrete to fill pinholes, block moisture and prepare floor to accept top coat.   This product can withstand exposure to many common solvents and chemicals.

Benefits of priming before applying a high build epoxy:

  • Epoxy primers are thin and provide for better adhesion because they penetrate into the concrete substrate for a better bond.
  • Primers provide for a better chemical bond of the thicker epoxy base coat which results in a longer lasting and more durable garage floor coating.
  • Because of their thinner nature, epoxy primers help to eliminate bubbles and pinholes that can form due to outgassing of the concrete.
  • They allow for the subsequent base coat to achieve a higher dry film thickness and coating uniformity since it is not soaking into the concrete.
  • Some epoxy primers are effective in providing a moisture barrier for garage floors that have light moisture problems such as efflorescence.


500-640 Ft² depending on floor surface.  Floors that have been shot blasted or abraded with diamond tipped grinders will adsorb more material and may not cover as large or an area.  A test should be conducted to figure accurate coverage rates.


Cure Schedule:  (70°F)

pot life – 2 gallons volume        3-5 hours

tack free (dry to touch)               2-4 hours

recoat or topcoat                          3-6 hours

light foot traffic                         10-16 hours

full cure (heavy traffic)                  2-7 days

Application Temperature:

50-90 degrees F