700 HD New Masonry Cleaner


700 HD New Masonry Detergent for is a blend of organic and inorganic acids combined with special wetting systems and inhibitors formulated excess mortar in the final clean down of new masonry.  It effectively removes excess mortar, job dirt, and normal job stains from brick, stone tile, exposed aggregate and other types of new masonry construction not subject to metallic stains.  It is safer to handle than Muriatic acid.

Remove excess mortar easily

700 HD New Masonry Detergent penetrates mortar smears fast, allowing a pressure rinse to remove them completely with minimal scrubbing .  Proper application leaves the masonry surface clean and uniform with no acid burning or streaking.

Manufactured with wetting agents and inhibitors 700 HD New Masonry Detergent clings to masonry surfaces for and extended dwell period.  This extended dwell time permits a lower acid concentration to be used in comparison to the customary muriatic acid washes.  This results in much better cleaning while exposing the masonry to less damage due to acid burn.

700 detergent is concentrated for ease in handling and shipping.  1 gallon of 700 Cleaner can be diluted with 5 parts of water or up to 25 parts of water.

Moisture Control:

Use our Drain Only Weep tubes to wick away moisture and prevent buildup behind a masonry wall.