Weep hole solutions - Drain Only Weep Tubes


Weep Hole Solution:

A weep hole or weep drain is the gap left between some bricks in external masonry walls.  They serve 2 purpose:

Ventilation of the internal wall cavity – Without weep hole ventilation, mildew, dry rot and damp reduce the life of the internal wall studs and other building materials within the cavity. Inadequate ventilation is the main cause of “Leaky Building Syndrome”.

Drainage – Water that enters the cavity due to capillary action, condensation, damage, or accidental flooding needs to escape somewhere.  That is called a weep drain. One end of the tube is bent in a downward position to prevent wind driven rain from being forced back into the tube.  This also prevents water running down the wall from re-entering the building. They will not fill with sediment because the fabric filters it, but allows the water to drain.  The fabric also acts as a wick, drawing out moisture in a quick and efficient manner.

Weep Tubes allow trapped water and moisture to escape however it is best to seal masonry surfaces with a water repellent.  Klere-Treat WB is a water based water repellent that is excellent for porous masonry such as brick and block.  For denser surfaces like stone use solvent based Enviro-Shield 40%. 

Weep tube sizing

Our standard size weep tubes are 3.5 inchess in length and have an outside diameter of 3/8 inches (inside diameter 1/4 inch.)

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