Epoxy Adhesive #100


Epoxy Adhesive #100 bonding agent

Epoxy Adhesive #100 is a high quality 100% solids epoxy that is supplied in a properly proportioned unit to be intermixed just prior to use.  It has been engineered primarily as a bonding agent to adhere new concrete to old surfaces; to rebond or weld structural units together; or as a matrix to be mixed with sand for patching, filling, grouting and general adhesive work.  When fully cured, the provide a very tough, durable coating of high adhesive, cohesive, tensile and compression strength and are resistant to water, moisture and most chemicals.


  • Use on any structurally sound surface as concrete, masonry, metal, wood or ceramic tile.
  • Old surface does not have to be chipped, roughened or scarified.
  • Bonding strength many times greater than best grade of concrete.
  • Non-Shrink. No interface stress.
  • Use above or below grade.
  • Re-bonds delaminated floor topping.


  • Bonds new concrete or mortar to old surfaces.
  • Interface adhesive to repair or bond structural units together.
  • As a matrix, it may be mixed with sand and aggregates for use as a topping or epoxy mortar for surface repairs.
  • Grouts bolts, fence post, machinery and stanchions.
  • Splices pre-stressed concrete piles, grouts beam tendons and connections.
  • Seals cracks and voids; or as a high pressure injection grout.

Coverage Rates

Horizontal Application:

Quart – 25 ft²

Gallon – 100 ft²

4 gallon – 400 ft²


Set anchor bolts to bond heavy machinery