Crystal Clear Crystal Stain - colored acrylic stain for masonry


What is Crystal Stain?

Crystal Stain is a masonry stain containing acrylic co-polymers of identical nature to Crystal Clear.  Manufactured with non-fading, inorganic oxide pigments and ultraviolet stable colorants, it will bring uniform coloration to concrete, masonry and brick color variations.

Why use Crystal Stain?

Crystal Stain will hide stains and discoloration caused by efflorescence and imperfections found in most concrete and masonry surfaces.

After a repair or a new addition customers will find that the new and old sections are 2 different colors, even when using the same material.  Over time the sun will fade and existing surface causing patches and new additions to contrast dramatically in color.  Hide those patches or make a new addition looks like it has always been there by coating with Crystal Stain.  It will even up color variations and won’t fade or yellow over time.

Crystal Stain will provide long lasting architectural color toning effect to concrete and masonry. It will not leave the surface looking painted or change it’s texture or natural beauty.  It penetrates deep into the substrate. The acrylic resins chemically and physically lock into the masonry or concrete surface to become part of it, to form an exceptionally durable and effective moisture barrier to help prevent exterior dampness form entering the interior.

How to pick a color?

There are 7 stock colors available to chose from.  If that doesn’t suit your need a custom color can be made for a small tinting fee.

Coverage Rates

These numbers are based on our experience but coverage rate will vary from surface to surface .

Quart: 50 ft²

Gallon: 200 ft²

Pail: 1,000 ft²