Crystal Clear Stone Seal - Color enhancing medium sheen


Color enhancing to stone sealer – Solvent based

The beautiful colors in decorative colored pavers and natural stone fade from exposure to the harsh UV rays of the sun.  These sealers restore the color and luster to pavers, stamped concrete and stone which have faded from the sun or wear and tear from foot traffic. Crystal Clear seals and protects from rain water, de-icing salts and stains from surface spills. Achieve that “wet look” with a variety of finishes from matte/flat to high gloss.

Crystal Clear Stone Seal is a medium viscosity coating.  Manufactured to seal dense floor surfaces such as paver patio, stamped concrete, natural stone walkway etc.,  Stone Seal penetrates deep leaving a medium sheen.  Sheen can be increased by doing additional coats.  Typically, the darker the paver, the more pronounced the color will be after applying a glossy sealer.


Use on patios, walkways, interior or exterior walls, floors, walks and decks in schools, institutions, commercial, industrial or residential buildings.

  • Non-Yellowing on exposure to ultraviolet
  • Non fading. Resists cracking, peeling or flaking.
  • Prevents or greatly reduces efflorescence, spalling and staining.
  • A water resistant film. Bridges minor cracks and voids to repel water.
  • Excellent resistance to strongest cleaning agents, alkalies, mild acids, grease, oil and most chemicals.
  • Penetrates deep into substrate to improve resistance to weather erosion.
  • Allows masonry to breathe. Good moisture and vapor transmission.
  • Ready to use – One part system.