Color Pack - To tint epoxy


Tint epoxy to best match your need

Customers can tint Epoxy Waterproofer, Epoxy Adhesive #100 or Epoxy Topping.  Our epoxies cure to a natural clear color but pigment can be added to better match the surface it isbeing applied too.  We stock a variety of colors that customers can use to hide repairs and epoxy applications.

How are colors added?

In order to have a uniform color throughout multiple applications it is best to add the color before mixing the 2 parts of epoxy.  The pigment should be added to the part A of the epoxy system and mixed until uniform in color.

Note for quart units:

These color packs were designed to be used with one gallon of epoxy.   To use with a quart unit or multiple quart units, divide the color pouch into 4 equal partss.