Epoxy Waterproofer – Makes concrete waterproof


Know the difference between “sealed” and “waterproof”.  Epoxy Waterproofer is a specially formulated, heavy bodied, thermo setting, self curing epoxy that hardens to a ceramic like, non-porous, clear, impermeable and waterproof film. This is a 2 part – 100% solids epoxy that cures clear or can be pigmented to a variety of colors by adding a color pack.  Use on interior/exterior foundations, precast concrete tanks, stone, potable water tanks, ponds, waterfalls, pools etc.



General Info:

Epoxy Waterproofer is specially formulated as a heavy bodied, thermo setting and self curing epoxy that hardens to a clear, ceramic like and non-porous waterproof film that is impermeable.  A leaking basement wall or floor is an easy fix.  Use to stop interior foundation leaks and to seal precast concrete tanks or stone foundations that often have leaking joints.  Certified for use in potable water tanks our epoxy frequently stops leaks in ponds, waterfalls, pools too.  This 2 part 100% solids epoxy will cure clear or can be pigmented to a variety of colors by adding a color pack.

This is best applied with a quality brush that won’t shed,  in a thin application going up to a 1/8th inch thick cladding capable of

tintable epoxy
Choose color to tint Epoxy Waterproofer

withstanding hydrostatic pressure and stopping radon gas migration.  Cracks and patches can be repaired and made waterproof by adding clean silica sand to Epoxy Waterproofer.  Amounts of sand will vary by crack size and desired texture.

Common Uses:

Our epoxy is designed to be a heavy duty and waterproof coating that seals porous surfaces, fine cracks and voids. (Sand may be added for wide crack filler)  It is also highly suitable for coating and lining tanks, submerged concrete units, troughs, pipe, utility ducts, etc. Also excellent to seal off leaks in below grade basement wall areas.

Epoxy Waterproofer is also used to safely waterproof Koi Fish ponds, Waterfalls, Fountains, Bird baths, Water cisterns for potable water.  Once cured it does not leach into the water and will not harm fish.   Easy mixing allows for quick application.

Click here for Epoxy Waterproofer Spec Sheet

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 12 in

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