Ultimate Stain Repellent - Premium Water Repellent Sealer


Prevent Stains from Oil, Food & Graffiti

Ultimate Stain Repellent is a clear, breathable, low VOC sealer that provides both Hydrophobic and Oleophobic properties to a broad array of substrates including concrete, masonry, tile, grout, brick, pavers, and porous natural stone surfaces.  There will be no change in surface appearance and application is very easy.

The main benefits of Ultimate Stain Repellent are resistance to automotive fluids, food products such as mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup, wine.  It can be used on vertical or horizontal applications. We manufacture Ultimate Stain Repellent to penetrate deep into the substrate where it chemically reacts to prevent stains from seeping in.

The oil repellent additive creates an area of extremely low surface tension on the substrate. This effect renders the surface resistant to the ingress of oil based materials. In addition, the repellent effect against food product is much greater than that imparted by traditional water repellent. The primary function of the Ultimate Stain Repellent is to allow easier cleanup and reduce staining of the substrate due to the adsorption of various oil and water based contaminants. If spills are not cleaned up in a timely manner staining and adsorption into the substrate will still occur.

Where to use?

  • To protect driveways from cars that leak oils and fluids
  • Patios around grills from food and drink spills
  • Walkways and stairs from dirt and debris
  • Pre-treat walls to allow for easy removal or spray paint and graffiti
  • Showers or wash areas where grout staining occurs