96% D-Limonene Citrus Solvent Oil





96% D-Limonene is a biodegradable solvent occurring in nature as as the main component of orange peel oil.  d-Limonene’s positive environmental profile and pleasant orange aroma have earned the product acceptance in many diverse chemical applications.  d-Limonene can be used in its pure form, blended with other solvents, or easily emulsified to make water soluble cleaning products.   d-Limonene is 100% bio-based and is GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) rated.   d-Limonene has a KB rating of 67 which can easily dissolve and suspend heavy oils, such as tar and asphaltic compounds.

Uses & Applications

d-Limonene is a safer alternative to toxic, hazardous, and dangerous petroleum-derived chemicals.  It can be used to formulate parts cleaner, engine degreaser (automotive, aircraft, and aerospace industries), electronics cleaner, tar cleaner, asphalt release agent, graffiti remover, grease trap maintainer, heat transfer fluid, lift station and sewage treatment solvent.

d-Limonene is excellent in household, institutional and industrial product formulations such as: hand cleaner, adhesive remover, hard surface cleaner, floor cleaner, automotive cleaner, ink cleaners, carpet/stain cleaner, metal cleaner, petroleum tank cleaner, asbestos abatement cleaner, and oil field solvents.  It is also commonly used as an aerosol ingredient, fragrance ingredient, fragrance additive or odor mask in formulated products.

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