Plas-Tex RTU - Acrylic bonding agent


Acrylic Bonding Agent – Strengthen cement and mortar mixes

Plas-Tex RTU acrylic bonding agent is a water dispersion of acrylic polymers. It is specifically designed to be used as an integral admixture to modify Portland cement compositions; as concrete, mortar and stucco. Its use offers many distinct advantages when compared to unmodified concrete such as greater tensile strength, compres­sive strength, flexural strength, impact strength and abrasion resistance.

Plas-Tex RTU modified concrete or mortar is especially useful in thin section repairs or overlays as it improves the adhesion, cohesion and resiliency, as well as wearing quality and durability, especially when heavy vibration and traffic is experienced.

Plas-Tex RTU with Plas-Tex Powder

Plas-Tex Powder is our own formula blended to create a long lasting and durable patching/leveling mix.  Use for leveling, smoothing and patching existing concrete floors, walls, highway bridge decks, pre-stressed concrete or precast concrete floor plank, concrete driveways, sidewalks and industrial or residential floors. Also ideal for thin set terrazzo or underlayment.

• Use as an integral admixture to modify concrete or mortar overlays from feather edge to 1″ in thickness when bonding to old concrete.
• Use as a paint on primer/ adhesive when applying thick (1″ to 3″) overlays of unmodified concrete to old con­crete.
• Prevents lifting, scaling or cracking of new topping.
• No chipping or roughening of old surface required.
• Non-flammable, non-toxic
• Adheres to concrete, wood, masonry, plastic and most structurally sound, clean surfaces.
• Withstands heavy industrial loads and abuse.
• May be used in or out of doors.
• Resists water, most chemicals and solvents.
• Excellent resistance to Ultra Violet light and heat.
• Dries to uniform concrete color
• No special curing required at ambient temperatures.