Epoxy Coat Decorative Flake System

Decorative Epoxy Flakes System Decorative Epoxy Flakes System is a decorative and extremely durable concrete resurfacing system.  It is used for environments requiring an attractive, aesthetically pleasing, high performance floor.  Available in endless colors and patterns to suit any environment.   Also known as decorative vinyl color chips, flakes or fleck are specially formulated paint aggregates used to […]

Epoxy Waterproofer Thermo Setting Epoxy

epoxy waterproofing

Epoxy waterproofer is a specially formulated heavy bodied thermo setting Epoxy resin. When mixed with it’s activator it becomes self curing and hardens to a ceramic like, non porous, impermeable clear film. If you would prefer a color Epoxy Water proofer is also available with color packs offering up to 35 different color combinations. Since […]

How to Repair Chatahoochie Stone Decks

The proper repair and maintenance of pebble stone decks is critical if you are planning on keeping your deck for a long time. Neglecting these decks is a sure path to future failure and disastrous results. Many of the calls that we take in our technical services department concerning stone decks are always at the […]

Energex Stucco System Finish Coat

The Energex Finish Coats are durable coatings which provide surface color and textre for the Energex Stucco System.  These finishes can be applied as well over exterior masonry, stucco, precast or cast-in-place concrete, cement block, and other approved substrates.  These finishes are also suitable for interior applications. Choose from a variety of colors and texures.

Energex Stucco System Figerglass Mesh

Use a stainless steel trowel to apply ENERMIX DRY Base Coat to the surface in  a uniform thickness as recommended for the type of reinforcing mesh being installed.  Immediately, place the reinforcing mesh against the wet Base Coat. The surface of the Base Coat is smoothed with a trowel until the reinforcing mesh is fully embedded. The pattern of the […]

Energex Stucco System – Base Coat

          ENERMIX DRY base coat is used to adhere insulation board to an approved substrate and to embed reinforcing mesh as part of the base coat of the ENERGEX System. The mixture can also be used as a skim coat to produce a smooth level surface on masonry or concrete.

Leaking containment tanks

You see it in the news a lot where a chemical tank leaks a hazardous material into a river, a body of water or in the ground.  You would think that if you are going to have storage tanks with hazardous chemicals, someone within the company should be responsible to check that the secondary concrete or block […]

How to repair foundation wall crack

The old method was to chip out the crack patch it with hydraulic cement but Epoxy Waterproofer eliminates the chipping out on small hairline cracks. Simply brush apply a nice even coat over the crack, allow it to cure and water will no longer penetrate the foundation wall.  For larger and structural cracks try Chargar’s […]

Klere Treat WB – Ready to Use Masonry Water Repellent

brick sealer, chimney sealer

Klere-Treat WB is a masonry water repellent based on a silane and siloxane. Under the influence of atmospheric humidity, it chemically reacts with and bonds to masonry, forming a highly effective poly-siloxane repellent.  It is highly alkaline resistant and designed for use on brick, concrete block, precast concrete, stucco, limestone, fieldstone and many other natural stones. Kleare-Treat […]