You see it in the news a lot where a chemical tank leaks a hazardous material into a river, a body of water or in the ground.  You would think that if you are going to have storage tanks with hazardous chemicals, someone within the company should be responsible to check that the secondary concrete or block walls which are supposed to contain any accidental spillage are in good shape. A simple spot check could have saved that company a lot of aggravation. If the containment wall has cracks in it, then fix it! Chargar’s Epoxy Waterproofer would be a fast and inexpensive solution to any containment wall or floor cracks which as you have seen in the news can leak chemicals. Chargar’s Epoxy Waterproofer is a heavy bodied Epoxy which can be brushed over a crack, bridging it and not allow any chemical to leak out. Maybe a few dollars can or could have saved a particular company from having to file bankruptcy. This could have been done as an emergency repair as soon as the crack became visible to an inspector within the company. Most importantly that chemical could have been kept out of the local water supply.