Solve-All #1 - Waterbased Citrus Cleaner


Citrus Cleaner and Degreaser

This powerful multi-purpose cleaner and degreaser is made with a proprietary blend of natural citrus solvents that powers through the toughest grease, dirt and grime. Dissolving away the most stubborn stains, Solve-All #1  is great for cleaning in the home, garage, shop, warehouse and office. This degreaser can be used on appliances, grills, stove tops, concrete, tools, engines, fiberglass, aluminum, stainless steel and kitchen surfaces.  Removing grease, soap films, ink, adhesives, oil, tar, or tar stains has never been easier.  It is safe to use on hard surfaces such as metal, vinyl, formica, fiberglass, finished wood, porcelain, and painted surfaces.  For stubborn stains that require a more aggressive approach try using our Solve-All #2.

  • Quickly and easily lifts grease, germs, dirt and oil
  • Great for cleaning tough jobs on nearly every surface
  • Deodorizes as it cleans with real citrus solvents
  • Professional strength formula cleans better than orange oil
  • Contains no caustics, acids or harsh chemicals

Uses & Applications

  • Removes adhesives, grease and oil from most surfaces
  • Strong enough to remove grease from engines and tools

How To Use

For Stains From Oil, Grease, Stove top or Skid Marks: Brush on or spray: Mix 1 part Solve-All#1  with up to 15 parts water. Follow with water rinse. Replaces caustics, chlorinated aromatic and other chemical solvent cleaners.

For Garages, Mobile Equipment, Repair Maintenance: Directly wipe on surface, use in steam cleaner, cold dip tank. Mix 1 part Solve-All#1 with up to 20 parts water. Steam cleaning should be done outdoors. Follow with rinse water. Replaces aromatic and aliphatic (kerosene) based cleaners.

For Parts Washing, Cold Dip or Recirculation Tanks: Mix 1 part Solve-All#1 with up to 7 parts water. Rinse or wipe off. Replaces flammable, difficult to dispose of solvents.

For Wastewater Treatment Plants, Wet Wells, and Lift Stations: For application with long wand, use concentrated or mix 1 partSolve-All#1 with up to 4 parts water. Permit 5-10 minutes dwell time. Rinse with high pressure water. Replaces aromatic solvents which contain benzenes and napthalenes.

For Application as a Wax Stripper: Mix 1 part Solve-All#1 with 15 parts water. For heavy build-up, use a 50/50 solution. Do not leave 50/50 mix on the floor for longer than 10 minutes without rinsing. Apply with a wet mop. Machine with strip pad and triple rinse.

Watch a video of Solve-All #1 remove carpet tape