Dynatrol® NR-201- Self Leveling Joint Sealant




NR-201 is a one part self-leveling, moisture-curing sealant for interior or exterior horizontal joints in plazas, malls, patios, swimming pool decks, meat and poultry plants, traffic detector loop sealants, copings, sidewalks, driveways, parking lots and garages.

This isocyanate free sealant is based on a unique hybrid STPU (Silyl-Terminated Poly Urethane) differentiating it from the standard urethane-based sealant. The silicone/urethane hybrid chemistry utilized by the NR-201 formula allows for a low odor, non-yellowing, one-part, moisture-curing, STPU sealant that is ideal for expansion joints.

NR-201 self leveling joint sealant has been developed specifically for sealing dynamic joints between materials of dissimilar porosity, coefficients of expansion and surface textures, as well as embedding detector loop wire for traffic signals and parking gates.

For proper adhesion and flexibility backer rod should be used to set the depth of the joint.  Watch a video demonstration for more information.

Available in Limestone color single quart sized tubes or by the case (10 tubes.)

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