Enviro-Shield 40% – Solvent Based Water Repellent


Enviro-Shield 40% is a deep penetrating water repellent to seal brick and stone. Stop leaking chimneys and brick buildings and protect from wind driven rain. Will not change the surface appearance. Easy to apply, Enviro-Shield 40% continues to protect for up to 10 years.



Premium Grade Water Repellent – Solvent based sealer

Deep penetrating Enviro-Shield 40% water repellent is made with a solvent-free ethoxy-functional oligomeric siloxane to provide excellent beading effect of treated substrates.  Chemically reacting with masonry such as brick, block, natural and blue stone, Enviro-Shield 40% forms a highly effective poly-siloxane repellent.  Will seal and protect brick, concrete, blue stone, block CMU and more from damage due to water ingress.

The advantages of Enviro-Shield 40% include:

  • Excellent beading effect
  • Effective protection even in wind driven, heavy rainfall
  • Reduction of efflorescence
  • Protection against de-icing salts
  • Normally no visible change of the surface and virtually no reduction of vapor permeability
  • Colder working temps – down to 25°F
  • Fast Drying
  • High penetration depth (depending on active content)

Enviro-Shield 40% can also be applied to parking garages, flat concrete or masonry surfaces to reduce attack from deicing salts brought in from cars.  For areas where a solvent based sealer can not be used we recommend Klere-Treat WB, a safe and easy to use water based sealer.

Coverage Rate:

Brick, Concrete, most masonry: 150 ft² per gallon

Block & Split Face CMU: 100 ft² per gallon

Further Proection:

Sealing the masonry surface will prevent water and moisture from penetrating the surface.  Water will also migrate in through cracks in joints or mortar, leaking roofs or dozen other ways.  Weep holes are an important part of keeping a building dry by allowing trapped moisture to escape.  Our Drain Only Weep Tubes efficiently wick away moisture while at the same time preventing insects, dirt and debris from entering the weep holes.

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