Basement Waterproofing

Stop basement leaks

Basement Waterproofing – You don’t need an expert The dreaded leaking basement.  There are a lot of reasons why rainwater can enter into a basement.  One of the most overlooked reason is a crack in the wall or floor or a separation of the concrete floor from the concrete wall.  Also tie holes can allow […]

Basement Waterproofing Made Easy

Basement Waterproofing with Epoxy Waterproofer Our Epoxy Waterproofer is a basement waterproofing designed for leaking basemant walls and floors. Epoxy Waterproofer is a proven product that is brush or roller applied to the entire basement wall or floor or just to waterproof a leaking crack or a leaking tie hole or a junction between floor and […]

How To Stop Radon Gas in Basement Foundation Walls

PRODUCTION: Radon is a colorless, odorless, radioactive gas. It forms naturally from the decay of radioactive elements, such as uranium, which are found in different amounts in soil and rock throughout the world. Gases in the soil and rock can move into the air and into underground water and surface water. Ways radon gas enters home The image […]

Leaking Basements From Spring Thaw Runoff

Its that time of the year when the snow starts to melt and rather than getting snow we start to get rain. The ground takes longer to thaw and every rain storm brings on more trouble to those who have cracks in their basements. When rain water and snow melt cannot be absorbed by the ground […]

Concrete Bridge Deck Waterproof Membrane

The  Gold Star Memorial Bridge in New London Connecticut has over 2000,000 square yards of the Chargar Laser Bridge Deck coating system. After 20 years of service the system is still doing its job. Wayne Lovett Managing Technical Director explains how new products come into the market place but the Laser System continues to do its […]

Bridge Deck Membrane Waterproofing

  The Laser Bridge Deck Waterproofing system is designed to waterproof bridge decks prior to the application of bituminous blacktop wearing surface. This system has approval of many DOT’s and has a tremendous track record. Wayne Lovett Managing Technical Director offers years of experience in the proper surface preparation, and installation. There are 4 million square […]

Don’t Be Afraid of Epoxy

A town public works department employee told me a contractor had quoted him $ 50,000 dollars to apply a two part Epoxy Waterproofer to the town fountain which was leaking. When I asked him why he and his crew did not do the job , he replied they had never worked with two part Epoxy […]

Leaking Fish Pond

pond leak waterproofing

Leaking Fish Pond – Many leaking fish ponds are constructed of cement plaster over concrete blocks.  From thermal movement these ponds will sometimes develop hairline cracks which will then leak water out.  Many people will chip the crack out and do the usual hydraulic cement patch, and within a short period of time it cracks again.  […]

Leaking containment tanks

You see it in the news a lot where a chemical tank leaks a hazardous material into a river, a body of water or in the ground.  You would think that if you are going to have storage tanks with hazardous chemicals, someone within the company should be responsible to check that the secondary concrete or block […]

How to repair foundation wall crack

The old method was to chip out the crack patch it with hydraulic cement but Epoxy Waterproofer eliminates the chipping out on small hairline cracks. Simply brush apply a nice even coat over the crack, allow it to cure and water will no longer penetrate the foundation wall.  For larger and structural cracks try Chargar’s […]