Pitch and sap removal from saw blades

Remove Pine Pitch easily with Fabulene Remove pine pitch and sap from industrial and commercial saw blades without using a toxic, solvent base cleaners. Fabulene, which is a USDA approved water based cleaner cuts pitch in seconds and can be safely flushed down the drain with a water rinse.  Used by the lumber industry since 1950, […]

Fabulene – Cleaner Degreaser USDA Approved Formula

Cleaner Degreaser Fabulene USDA Approved Class A Cleaning and Degreasing Formula A powerful cleaner degreaser, fireproof, non-toxic, non-explosive, water soluable and rust inhibitive degreasing and cleaning formula operating on a new chemistry of detergent action, providing quick, multi-purpose, economical industrial and institutional cleaning. Replaces dangerous solvents. Fabulene penetrates, emulsifies and absorbs the toughest greases, oils, […]

Solve All 2- Water Soluable Citrus Solvent

Solve All #2 Water Soluable Citrus Degreaser, Cleaner and Stripper Elgene’s Solve-All # 2 is a natural cleaner, degreaser, stripper, which is designed to replace, chlorinated aromatic and aliphatic cleaning solvents. Solve-All # 2 contains a blend of non-hazardous solvents which is a biodegradable solvent occurring in nature. Parts degreaser, engine degreaser tar & asphalt […]