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Electroniks – Fireproof Safety Solvent

Industrial cleaning

Fireproof Safety Solvent

A quick-drying fire-proof safety solvent having no flash point and no fire point, used for cleaning all kinds of electrical machinery and equipment even while in operation. It’s electrically non-conductive, non-explosive and non-toxic to bodily organs under normal usage when used as directed. Meets OSHA safety guidelines for solvents.

Electroniks is sprayed on electrical machinerry and equipments, without loss of time due to shut downs for disassembling purposes. Oil, grease, carbon and dirt will be dissolved quickly and safely. Blowing dry with compressed air is recommended, but optional.

Electroniks is also used as a cold tank dip cleaner, as well as in wiping applications…fast evaporation makes adequate ventilation necessary.

Solvent Cleaning

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22 Skidoo – Alkaline Stripper, Deruster and Etchant

22 Skidoo
Alkaline Stripper, Deruster and Etchant

This is a carefully balanced alkaline stripper with a special blend of non-alkaline ingredients to give it highly effective qualities as a paint stripper, de-ruster, and etchant. U.S.D.A. APPROVED.

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