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Metal Lithography Oven Cleaner with anti rusting agents

A water based cleaning solution for the Metal Lithography industry.

A pre-blended solution that is applied to chain assemblies and metal wickets and is a simple easy method of removing enamels from wickets. This product is applied to wickets and after waiting 15 minutes is removed with water or steam. Stubborn coatings may require longer soaking times.  Once the enamels are removed, wicket cleaner can be neutralized for easy disposal.

A new product which goes along with wicket cleaner is the neutral X. This product contains anti rusting agents as well as neutralizing the wicket cleaner. Neutral X is simply applied to the wickets and then rinsed off with water.  Once dry, the wickets are now ready to be put back into service.


Wicket Cleaner spec sheet

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22 Skidoo – Alkaline Stripper, Deruster and Etchant

22 Skidoo
Alkaline Stripper, Deruster and Etchant

This is a carefully balanced alkaline stripper with a special blend of non-alkaline ingredients to give it highly effective qualities as a paint stripper, de-ruster, and etchant. U.S.D.A. APPROVED.

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