AC 3 Cleaner all purpose acid cleaners

AC-3 is one of the safest and most effective all purpose acid cleaners on the market. Compounded with a comparatively safe acid, strong detergent and solvents to provide a fast 3 way cleaning action. Accidental splashing will not cause skin burns or discomfort, nor will it harmfully effect most masonry surfaces. AC-3 Acid Cleaner has […]

700 Masonry Detergent Cleaner

New Masonry detergent 700 is a blend of organic and inorganic acids combined with special wetting systems and inhibitors formulated for final cleandown of new masonry. 700 detergent effectively removes excess mortar, job dirt, and normal job stains from brick, stone tile, exposed aggregate and other types of new masonry construction not subject to metallic […]

Fabulene – Cleaner Degreaser USDA Approved Formula

Cleaner Degreaser Fabulene USDA Approved Class A Cleaning and Degreasing Formula A powerful cleaner degreaser, fireproof, non-toxic, non-explosive, water soluable and rust inhibitive degreasing and cleaning formula operating on a new chemistry of detergent action, providing quick, multi-purpose, economical industrial and institutional cleaning. Replaces dangerous solvents. Fabulene penetrates, emulsifies and absorbs the toughest greases, oils, […]

Solve All 2- Water Soluable Citrus Solvent

Solve All #2 Water Soluable Citrus Degreaser, Cleaner and Stripper Elgene’s Solve-All # 2 is a natural cleaner, degreaser, stripper, which is designed to replace, chlorinated aromatic and aliphatic cleaning solvents. Solve-All # 2 contains a blend of non-hazardous solvents which is a biodegradable solvent occurring in nature. Parts degreaser, engine degreaser tar & asphalt […]