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Masonry Products

Our Masonry Products are ready to work for you

Chargar manufactures, distributes and services masonry products to fill your concrete, masonry, structural restoration, new construction and waterproofing needs.  From the planning stage of every project all the way to the finishing touches.  Chargar offers the assurance of exceptional quality, top value and fast delivery.  Count on our service department to answer and an all questions and to help work with and over come difficult jobs requirements.

Waterproofer – Stop water leaks coming in from foundation wall, floor or cracks.  Use to seal basements, walkways, concrete decks, waterfalls, ponds, cisterns or any other masonry surface that leaks water.  

Water Repellents –  Water and salt damage can easily be avoided by using our premium grade sealers and water repellents.  With over 40 years of manufacturing experience we are sure that we use only the best resins and materials to protect your masonry.  From as small as a chimney to as large as a city building we have the water repellents you need.

Masonry Cleaners- We manufacture a variety of acid based, solvent based and water based cleaners.  Efflorescence, oil, dirt, mineral, carbon and mildew stains are not a problem.  Speak with a technician to find the right cleaning product for the job.

Curing Compounds

Concrete Admixtures