Crystal Clear Acrylic Sealers/Coatings

Crystal Clear is a clear acrylic coating, available in many formula variations, each designed to provide distinct characteristics which may suit or serve specific job conditions or requirements more advantageously.

Crystal Stain Acrylic Masonry Stain

Crystal Stain is a translucent sealer containing acrylic copolymers of indentical nature to Crystal Clear; however, in addition it contains non-fading, inorganic oxide pigments, and ultrviolet stable colorants of sufficient strength and quantity to uniform concrete, masonry and brick color variations. Crystal Stain will provide long lasting architectual color toning effect to concrete and masonry […]

Hydropoxy Epoxy Emulsion System

Hydropoxy protective coating is a two component, equal part epoxy emulsion compound of high solids content. When intermixed it cures to a hard durable, semi-gloss coating. Being of a heavy paint consistancy, it is capable of sealing porous surfaces and bridging fine cracks, holes and voids. Heavy veneer type can withstand hydrostatic pressure. Hydropoxy can […]

A premium grade, water based masonry water repellent based on a silane and siloxane blend.

Enviro-Shield 40WB is a water based, VOC compliant, high performance, clear, penetrating water repellent sealer.  It is designed to provide long term protection for brick, blocks, Jersey barriers, vertical or horizontal concrete and natural stones and other porous surfaces. Enviro-Shield 40WB repels water on masonry surfaces for up to 10 years and can be sprayed with a […]

Drain Only Weep Tubes

leaky building, weep hole

Weep tubes for masonry weep holes.  Weep holes are the gaps left between some bricks in external masonry walls.  They serve 2 purpose: Ventilation of the internal wall cavity – Without ventilation, mildew, dry rot and damp reduce the life of the internal wall studs and other building materials within the cavity. Inadequate ventilation is the main […]

SPEED SEAL Premium Grade Clear Sealer for Limestone

Premium Grade Clear Sealer for Limestone-Natural Stone-Bluestone-Sandstone- Terra-Cotta-Concrete Pavers-Pourous Tile and many other types of Natural Stones. Florok Speed Seal is a stable,voc compliant emulsion of Silane,siloxane and fluoropolymer. Speed-Seal is a penetrating water, oil,and stain resistant sealer for treating a wide variety of mineral substrates. Advantages: Provides a protective barrier which repels both water […]