Water Repellents

Provide reliable protection from water and atmospheric moisture for a wide range of masonry surfaces, including highly alkaline mortars and cement rich materials.  Klere Treat WB and Enviro-Shield 40% are premium grade penetrating sealers and water repellents manufactured from the best silane/siloxane resisns.

These high-quality water repellents create a hydrophobic barrier that prevents the intrusion of water and water-borne salts into the structure. This greatly reduces damaging moisture penetrations into masonry and concrete, helping to avoid salt leaching, freeze-thaw cracking and corrosion of reinforcing bars.

Klere Treat WB  

Customers have made Klere Treat WB one of our best selling materials.  A water based material, Klere Treat WB is simple and easy to apply with no smells or harmful fumes and will not alter the existing appearance. Use Klere Treat WB to seal and protect your chimney, brick or block buildings, stucco and more for years to come.  Contains 7% solids.


Enviro-shield 40%

Enviro-Shield 40% is a top of the line alcohol based penetrating water repellent with a 40% solids content.  It is very similar to Klere Treat WB in application and how it works however being alcohol based it has several advantages.  Recommended for application in temperatures down to 25°F, this fast drying material penetrates deeply into any masonry substrate.

Enviro-shield 40% Water Based

Enviro-Shield 40% WB is the water based version of our high solids Enviro-Shield 40%.   It is a high performance, clear, penetrating water repellent sealer.  It is designed to provide long term protection for brick, blocks, Jersey barriers, vertical or horizontal concrete and natural stones and other porous surfaces.

Crystal Clear

The beautiful colors in decorative colored brick pavers and natural stone fade from exposure to the harsh UV rays of the sun.  These sealers restore the color and luster to brick pavers, stamped concrete and stone which have faded from the sun or wear and tear from foot traffic. Crystal Clear seals and protects from rain water, de-icing salts and stains from surface spills.  Achieve that “wet look” with a variety of finishes from matte/flat to high gloss.

Crystal Stain

Crystal Stain is an acrylic based masonry stain that has the added benefit of sealing the substrate against spills and water intrusion.  It is available in a custom color or several stock colors.  Many of our customers have used Crystal Stain to correct color variations between new and old brick/block walss, uneven fading from sun damage or to bring new life and color to an existing surface.

Ultimate Stain Repellent

Invisible, water & oil repellent.  Protect stone and masonry from spills and stains.  For use on driveways, walkways, patios and counter tops to seal and protect from incidental spills and stains.  Ultimate Stain Repellent acts like microscopic corks plugging up the pores in masonry thus preventing dirt and oils from penetrating the surface.  Spills and stains are easily removed without the resorting to expensive repairs.

Drain Only Weep Tubes
Non-clogging patented design weep tubes.