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Basement Waterproofing

Stop basement leaks

Basement Waterproofing – You don’t need an expert

The dreaded leaking basement.  There are a lot of reasons why rainwater can enter into a basement.  One of the most overlooked reason is a crack in the wall or floor or a separation of the concrete floor from the concrete wall.  Also tie holes can allow water to enter into the basement.  You don’t have to be an expert to determine where the water is coming from.  Just follow the path of the water and you can usually pin point the area.

What can I do?

Cracks in the walls or floors can allow a tremendous amount of water to enter into a basement.  Simple repairs can be done to stop this water from entering the basement.  Chargar Corpration has a unique Epoxy that can be brushed applied to these areas.  Epoxy Waterproofer is simple to use and apply.  Two brush coat applications over these cracks will form a waterproof, durable film that is impervious to water.  It will hold back hydro static water pressure.  Epoxy Waterproofer can also be applied to a larger area of the floor or wall to make these areas waterproof. Epoxy Waterproofer does not contain solvents and has very little odor, so it can be used in confined areas.  Epoxy Waterproofer is used by the professionals to waterproof basements .

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Basement Waterproofing Made Easy

Basement Waterproofing with Epoxy Waterproofer

Our Epoxy Waterproofer is a basement waterproofing designed for leaking basemant walls and floors. Epoxy Waterproofer is a proven product that is brush or roller applied to the entire basement wall or floor or just to waterproof a leaking crack or a leaking tie hole or a junction between floor and wall.

Because basements are below ground level, they are prone to not only dampness, but also water run-off, which can damage the concrete walls. You may also find yourself facing problems with mold, mildew and a, unpleasant odor.  Epoxy Waterproofer is extremely effective in the basement where dampness and mild instances of water occur. For major issues, first remove the water from outside the home. Take proper steps to keep water away from the foundation which, may include re-routing gutter drains and steering runoff water away from the foundation.

Once cured it forms a 15 mil impervious and well bonded WATERPROOF film. The great part is that it has very little odor and does not contain any solvents. Our customers include waterproofing contractors who waterproof with sheet membrane on the exterior . These contractors warranty their work for 10 years, but if their work ever  leak during the warranty period, they do not excavate the exterior to repair their membrane. They fix the leaks with our Epoxy Waterproofer from the interior. Epoxy Waterproofer has an amazing track record at stopping interior leaks. Watch our video on how to use our Epoxy to waterproof a crack. For more info email or call  1-800-922-4623.

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