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Pitch and sap removal from saw blades

Remove Pine Pitch easily with Fabulene

Remove pine pitch and sap from industrial and commercial saw blades without using a toxic, solvent base cleaners. Fabulene, which is a USDA approved water based cleaner cuts pitch in seconds and can be safely flushed down the drain with a water rinse.  Used by the lumber industry since 1950, Fabulene continues to meet the needs of the countries oldest and largest pine and lumber producers.

Effective and Economical:

Fabulene is a concentrated formula that can be sprayed on and scrubbed with blades in place or used in warm dip tanks.  Fabulene is non-flammable and non-explosive and does not have a strong or offensive smell.  Available in 5 gallon pails, 55 gallon drums & 275 gallon totes.  Large quantity and distribution pricing available.  Call 800-944-4623 or email



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Fabulene US Burea of Engraving

Ink remover water based

Ink Remover –

Fabulene industrial cleaner is approved and used by the U.S. Bureau of Engraving as an ink remover to replace toxic solvent based cleaners used to clean their printing plates.  It is a water based cleaner that aggressively and economically breaks down ink, allowing for easy cleaning.  Since it there are no solvents that means there is no offensive odor, it is non-flammable and in many cases can be safely sewered.

USDA Rated

Manufactured by the Elegene Division of The Chargar Corporation, Fabulene was tested by MIT against 5 other nationally recognized cleaners.  It came out as number one because it isn’t your typical household cleaner, but is a powerful water based cleaner that performs like a solvent based cleaner.  Fabulene has the highest ranking among cleaners because it also has USDA Rating of class A.  We are very proud that the Bureau chose Fabulene over the competition.

Works Great on:

•Inks      •Pen Inks      •India Inks     •Correction Fluid      •Nail Polish      •Permanent Marker     •Stamp Pad Ink      •Highlighters      •Cosmetic Paint
•Pencil Marks       •Newsprint      •And much more

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