Enviro-Shield 40% – Solvent Based Water Repellent


Enviro-Shield 40% is a deep penetrating water repellent to seal brick and stone. Stop leaking chimneys and brick buildings and protect from wind driven rain. Will not change the surfa e appearance. Easy to apply, Enviro-Shield 40% continues to protect for up to 10 years.



Premium Grade Water Repellent – Solvent based sealer

Deep penetrating Enviro-Shield 40% water repellent is made with a solvent-free ethoxy-functional oligomeric siloxane to provide excellent beading effect of treated substrates.  Chemically reacting with masonry such as brick, block, natural and blue stone, Enviro-Shield 40% forms a highly effective poly-siloxane repellent.  Will seal and protect brick, concrete, blue stone, block CMU and more from damage due to water ingress.

The advantages of Enviro-Shield 40% include:

  • Excellent beading effect
  • Effective protection even in wind driven, heavy rainfall
  • Reduction of efflorescence
  • Protection against de-icing salts
  • Normally no visible change of the surface and virtually no reduction of vapor permeability
  • Colder working temps – down to 25°F
  • Fast Drying
  • High penetration depth (depending on active content)

Enviro-Shield 40% can also be applied to parking garages, flat concrete or masonry surfaces to reduce attack from deicing salts brought in from cars.  For areas where a solvent based sealer can not be used we recommend Klere-Treat WB, a safe and easy to use water based sealer.

Coverage Rate:

Brick, Concrete, most masonry: 150 ft² per gallon

Block & Split Face CMU: 100 ft² per gallon

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Enviro Shield 40% SDS

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