Masonry Cleaners

Masonry Cleaners

There are many options when it comes to masonry cleaners.  We will help make sure you select the right cleaner for the job.

AC-3 Cleaner

AC-3 is one of the safest and most effective all purpose acid cleaners on the market.  A composite of phosphoric acid and carefully blended soaps and detergents, AC-3 quickly removes surface dirt, grease stains and efflorescence from brick, brick pavers, block and other masonry substrates.  AC-3 can also be used to safely and easily acid etch concrete floors in preparation of epoxy coatings, ensuring a strong and long lasting bond.

700 New Masonry Cleaner

New Masonry detergent 700 is a blend of organic and inorganic acids combined with special wettingsystems and inhibitors formulated for final cleandown of new masonry. 700 detergent effectively removes excess mortar, job dirt, and normal job stains from brick, stone tile, exposed aggregate and other types of new masonry construction not subject to metallic stains. It is safer to handle than Muriatic acid.

900HD Restoration Cleaner

A heavy duty, highly aggressive cleaner for carbon and other stubborn stains.

960 Rust Remover
Removes rust from masonry.