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Crystal Stain Acrylic Masonry Stain

Crystal Stain is a translucent sealer containing acrylic copolymers of indentical nature to Crystal Clear; however, in addition it contains non-fading, inorganic oxide pigments, and ultrviolet stable colorants of sufficient strength and quantity to uniform concrete, masonry and brick color variations.

Crystal Stain will provide long lasting architectual color toning effect to concrete and masonry without giving the surface a painted look, or changing it’s texture or natural beauty.

Crystal Stain is designed to penetrate into the substrate. The acrylic resins chemically and physically lock into the masonry or concrete surface to become part of it, to form an exceptionally durable and effective moisture barrier to help prevent exterior dampness form entering the interior.

Crystal Stain will hide stains and discoloration caused by efflorescence and other natural defects and imperfections found in most concrete and masonry surfaces.

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