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Conproseal cement based waterproofing that is applied to any masonry

Conproseal is a cement based waterproofing that is applied to any masonry surface to waterproof and decorate.

Conproseal is available in white or gray and many other decorative colors. Conproseal can be applied above grade or below grade exterior or interior. Conproseal has a finer texture than Thoroseal and is easy to apply.

K-88 can be added to Conproseal to enhance the adhesion to questionable surfaces.

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Color Coat Acrylic Waterproof coating

Color coat is a 100% Acrylic Waterproof coating for above grade masonry surfaces.It
is available in smooth or fine texture and 25 decorative colors.

The advantage of using Color Coat versus other coatings is that Color Coat forms a 10 mil waterproof coating over masonry surfaces and is a breathable coating, easy to apply, ready mixed.

Available Color Chart

Please note:
The colors shown here are a digital representation of the colors available. Because of variances in color representation from one monitor to the next they should not be relied on if color matching is required in your project.

The colors shown here are provided online as a general guide only.

Designer Series

Navy White #D12 
Zinc White #D14 
Whisper White #D16 
Lobster Bisque #D18 
Morning Dove #D20 
Milk Weed #D34 
Amish Haystack #D36 
Seacoast Gray #D38 
Wild Oats #D40 
SandPiper #D42 
Cotton Candy #D44 
Shale #D58 
Natural Granite #D60 
Saxon Gray #D62 
Putty #D64 
Pewter #D66 
Cinder #D68 
Historic Series

Limestone #H101 
Soapstone #H102 
Fossilstone #H103 
Fieldstone #H104 
Sandstone #H105 
Masonry Series

Polar White #C501 
Titanium Frost #C503 
Beach Grass #C505 
Amaretto #C507 
Coastal Ivory #C509 
Gray Lace #D22 
Flint #D24 
Ocean Bluff #D26 
Cattails #D28 
Mocha #D30 
Tawny Leather #D32 
Salmon Dust #D46 
Chalk #D48 
Alabaster #D50 
Oyster #D52 
Cape Cod Mist #D54 
Dusty Miller #D56 
Tropical Coral #D70 
Spice Wine #D72 
Terracotta #D76 
Blue Bayou #D76 
Weathered Slate #D78 
Indigo Sky #D80 
Cobblestone #H106 
Red Sandstone #H107 
Scoriastone #H108 
Flagstone #H109 
Quarrystone #H110 
Brownstone #H111 
Wisteria #C511 
Autumn Dew #C513 
Acorn #C515 
Glacier #C517 
Sierra Canyon #C519 
Villiage Green #C512 

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Conprolastic Waterproof acrylic elastomeric coating

Conprolastic is a 100% Waterproof acrylic elastomeric coating which is designed to waterproof masonry surfaces which have hairline cracks or moving cracks.

Conprolastic stretches like a rubber band and has tenacious adhesion to stucco,bricks,concrete,block and other masonry surfaces.

Conprolastic is available in 25 colors and textures, ready mixed and easy to apply. Conprolastic is also excellent as a coating for EIFS stucco systems for sealing cracks or to decorate.

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ConproSet fast setting non shrink patching cement

Conproset is a fast setting non shrink patching cement that can be used for any masonry repair where forming is not possible or for reshaping surfaces.

Conproset sets in less than 1 hour and can be layered up to 6 inches in depth without forms or waiting for the first layer to set up. Conproset has a built in bonding agent, no additive is required.

Conproset attains over 5,000 psi. Conproset is excellent for overhead surfaces or sidewalls.

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Mimic repair mortar

Mimic is a single component, polymer modified repair mortar which comes in many standard colors, for repairing brownstone, limestone, sandstone, terra-cotta and architectural concrete.

Mimic is a high strength mortar which can revive spalled surfaces to their original appearance.

Mimic can be custom colored to match any masonry surface.

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Elastideck: Decorative waterproof coating

Elastideck is a decorative coating for balconies, walkways, driveways planters and parapets. It can be spray, roller or squeegee applied.

Elastideck provides a positive side waterproofing membrane that is flexible and able to bridge minor gaps. It is resistant to weathering action and has excellent freeze/thaw stability and abrasion resistance.

Elastideck resists deicing salts, chloride, chemical attack and environmental pollution and will not cause damage to structure by restricting moisture vapor flow.

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