Non Metallic Grouting Compound


Florok non-metallic grout standard grade and High Fluidity grade are complex compounds composed fo selected silica sand conforming to Federal Specification SS-A-281, Portland Cement, hydraulic cement, pozzualonic plasticizing, water reducing, and shrinkage compensation agents.

When mixed with water they develop a positive expansion factor right from the time of placement, with no intermediate or final
shrinkage occurring. Expansion is mass expansion, and final volume filled is not effected by restraining, as with gas evolution or gas liberation type grouting materials, which eventually shrink during final set.

Florok non-metallic grout is applied by trowel or dry pack method. To be used for general grouting or repairs, wherever a very high early and final strength is required and where non shrink or non staining is an important factor.

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Author: Chargar

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