Epoxy Adhesive Injection Grout System


Repair Structural Foundation Cracks

Stop leaks from the inside without excavating the exterior foundation like other repair methods.  Epoxy crack injection is an extremely effective and reliable concrete crack repair method, used exclusively for the repair of poured concrete foundation cracks.  Use to fix basement leaks, and to prevent poured concrete foundation cracks from leaking in the future. 


Basic Uses:

• Repair structural cracks

• Bond new concrete members together

• Seal and re-weld cracks in walls, foundations, beams, columns, lintels, sills and bridge decks

• Repairs any size crack

• Use above or below grade

• Repairs last indefinitely


Every crack is different and may require more or less material than suggested.  This kit generally is enough to repair a 10 foot crack no wider than 1/4″.  Wider cracks will require more material, please call 800-922-4623 and our technicians will help provide the proper amount of material.

What is included?

10 – Zerk grease gun fittings complete with studs.

1 – qt. Epoxy Adhesive HV – used to glue in studs and seal the surface of the crack, creating a pocket for injection epoxy.

1- gallon Epoxy Adhesive #100 – using the high pressure grease gun this epoxy is pumped into the crack, filling the void completely.

1 – high pressure grease gun