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Thoroseal Plaster Mix Cemetitious Waterproof Coating for Concrete Brick and Masonry

Thoroseal Plaster Mix is a cement based, polymer modified, waterproof, textured coating for concrete
and masonry surfaces. It bonds to the surface, fills and seals pores and small voids. It specifically formulated for application by plasterer’s type spray gun for trowel. Mixed with Acryl 60 and diluted with water, it produces a uniform, nonmetallic, coating of high density, compressive strength, and durability. It’s coefficient of thermal expansion and contraction is nearly identical to concrete which allows it to remain completely bonded to the concrete throughout the full range of normal thermal cycling and weather conditions.

Thoroseal Plaster Mix waterproofs concrete block, cast-in-place or precast concrete, brick, natural stone and Portland cement scratch and brown. It can be used on interior or exterior surfaces either above of below grade. It will waterproof dams, reservoirs, tunnels, basements. cisterns and will resist hydrostatic pressure
from either the positive or negative side. It is suited for bridge and pier concrete to achieve, and maintain, an natural concrete color. It can be applied to vertical or overhead surfaces. It provides color and texture uniformity eliminating the need for costly hand rubbing or abrasive-wheel grinding.

Applied to hollow core or solid concrete masonry units, it will significantly reduce their sound transmission. It will also improve their resistance to heat gain/loss by keeping them dry and enabling them
to function as a thermal mass. It can be applied to fluted or split fluted, stri-face, split faced or rock faced concrete masonry units.