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ThioCalk Sealants for Highway Joints

Thio-Calk is a series of the most current formulations of synthetic rubber sealants designed
for highways, sidewalks and industrial building joints.

R242 is a self leveling, two part, pourable sealant. Available in Black of Grey.

R342 is self leveling, two part, pourable, Jet Fuel resistant Sealant. Available in black only.

R442 is a non-sag, tow part, gun grade sealant. Available in Black or Grey. Other colors to order.

Once the two parts are blended together, they cure to a durable, highly elastic, strong bonding rubber which stays flexible allowing for extreme contraction, expansion, sheer and vibration even during sub freezing temperatures. It will not soften of flow at the highest temperature.

Thio-Calk is formulated as a cast in place elastomer intended for sealing expansion joints in highways, bridges, parking decks, pavements, patios, plazas or other areas subject to extreme movement and the demands of foot and vehicular traffic. It is the ultimate in Sealants due to it’s true super rubber elasticity and tough abrasion resistance. It will repel stone intrusion; however, women’s spiked heels may cause damage.