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Acousti coat Textured Acoustical spray coating

Florok Acousti-coat is a heavy bodied rubber based coating, in which is suspended millions of “punkey” sand like particles.

It’s pleasing heavy texture, provides a rough matty coating capable of absorbing sound. It cushions and diffuses harsh noise and “bounce back” similar to conventional acoustical tile.

Acousti-coat was originally desgined for concrete ceiling which is often rough, pourus and contoured. It will seal and hide fine cracks, voids, blemishes and discolorations.

Acousti-coat may be sprayed on almost every type of ceiling surface, such as;

    • Prestressed concrete plank or builing members.
    • Plaster or sheet rock
    • Wood or accoustical tile
    • Metal Ceiling Decks

Acousti-coat has been used on many fine churches, restaurants, office buildings, gynasiums, class rooms, apartments, motels, swimming pool ceilings, etc.

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