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Epoxy Coat 144: Abrasion and Chemical Restistant Coating

Epoxy Coat is a high solids, two part catalyzed, self curing, thermo set paint which cures
to the hardest, abrasive, chemical and solvent resistant coating.

For use on any clean, structurally sound surfaces as masonry, concrete, metal, wood, interior or exterior.

Epoxy Coat is a protective and decorative coating for floors, walls, ceilings, tanks, and other structural members
exposed to wear and abusive action due to corrosive attack caused by moisture, salt, water, most acids, alkalis, petroleum products and their fumes.

Accepted by USDA for use in meat and poultry plants, for institutions, industrial food and beverage plants, dairies, kitchens, laboratories, warehouses, etc.


Epoxy Coat 144


Available Color Chart

Please note:
The colors shown here are a digital representation of the colors available. Because of variances in color representation from one monitor to the next they should not be relied on if color matching is required in your project.