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Efflorescence on Masonry

Clean salt deposits

What is efflorescence

Efflorescence is a crystalline deposit of salts often seen on the surface of concrete, brick, stucco, or natural stone surfaces. It occurs when water is present on or in the masonry surface. It sparkles. It’s white, sometimes with a grayish tint.

How do I stop it?

These deposits, which are often a byproduct of the manufacturing process, are carried to the surface by water within the masonry.  AC-3 Cleaner removes efflorescence from masonry without the use of Muriatic Acid.  Sealing the masonry surface with one of our sealers will prevent water from entering and carrying more salts and minerals to the surface.


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Efflorescence Removal From Masonry Surfaces

Clean salt deposits


One of the most stubborn stain to remove off masonry surfaces is efflorescence or commonly called salt deposits. Efflorescence is generally formed when masonry absorbs water and then when it wicks out, it leaves behind the soluble salts which are present in alkaline masonry surfaces. Sometimes this salt washes off easily with the next rain storm and other times it doesn’t wash off and starts to change from a soluble salt to an insoluble salt.

Once efflorescence starts to become insoluble it becomes more and more difficult to remove.  Many will run down to the hardware store and purchase Muriatic acid which can work sometimes but Muriatic Acid has many drawbacks. Muriatic Acid is highly dangerous to work with, and it burns the finish from the masonry surface, corrodes metal framed windows, etches glass. Muriatic acid works great for etching concrete but it can destroy the finish from common bricks, colored concrete block, limestone, bluestone and many other types of masonry surfaces. Once the color is bleached out it will never match the surrounding surfaces.

The Chargar Corportation manufactures a cleaner called AC-3. AC-3 does not contain any Muriatic Acid or Hydrochloric Acid which the chemical  name for Muriatic Acid. AC-3 is a safe and gentle cleaner which when used properly can remove efflorescence from masonry without destroying the natural appearance of the surface. AC-3 does not emit toxic vapors, or corrode metal surfaces or etch glass. Ac-3 is biodegradable and will remove efflorescence without the hazards associated with Muriatic Acid. For more information on AC-3 go to or call 1-800-922-4623