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AC 3 Cleaner all purpose acid cleaners

AC-3 is one of the safest and most effective all purpose acid cleaners on the market.
Compounded with a comparatively safe acid, strong detergent and solvents to provide a fast 3 way cleaning action.
Accidental splashing will not cause skin burns or discomfort, nor will it harmfully effect most masonry surfaces.

AC-3 Acid Cleaner has a pleasant clean odor and dispels no harmful or corrosive fumes.

AC-3 three way cleaning action will penetrate deeply into the surface and will dissolve, dislodge
and foam to the surface from easy removal of dirt, oil, grease and scum.

AC-3 Cleaner removes cement drippings and waste from new surfaces. It will also clean and renew old weathered and stained concrete and masonry buildings
and prepare the surface to receive weather proof treatment or paint.

AC-3 will remove efflorescence, dirt and rust stains from concrete, ceramic tile, terrazzo, marble, slate, stone and porcelain bath fixtures.

AC-3 may also be used on metal surfaces to remove grease, dirt and oil. Cuts size coating and film. Brightens and cleans off oxidation. Etches and cleans concrete floors for painting.


Since AC-3 contains acid and other strong cleaning agents, it should be used with care. Protect eyes, skin and surrounding areas. User should make a test sample, allowing it to dry thoroughly to determine it’s suitability for job conditions and requirements.

Usage Directions

From most surfaces and job conditions AC-3 should be diluted with 1 to 10 parts of water. Always use the mildest solution that can do the job. Tough stains and hardened mortar may require full strength.

First dampen surface with water. Apply AC-3 at proper strength to surface and agitate or scrub with nylon or other acid resistant brush for 2 or 3 minutes
or until bubbling action stops. Rinse with clean water, agitate while rinsing. Do not do too large and area at one time, so that the loosened dirt may allowed to settle back or dry. Repeat cleaning operation on stubborn stains as required.

Allow all surfaces to dry before waxing, painting or sealing. Terrazzo must be waxed or sealed as soon as dry.

When clenaing walls start at the bottom and work upward. One gallon cleans approximately 300 sq. ft., depending on porosity and job conditions.

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