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Swim Coat Parlon Rubber Paint for Swimming Pools, Showers and Wet Areas

Swim Coat is a parlon based paint (chlorinated rubber), with modified epoxy resin.

Basic uses include swimming pools, pool decks, patios, shower stalls, locker rooms, and all other submerged,
wet or excessively damp areas.

It advantages include:


    • Excellent adhesion to concrete, metal, cement plaster stucco, cement based paint such as Thoroseal or Quickseal.
      Also, fiber glass and certain plastic surfaces.


    • Easy application by brush, roller or spray.


    • Bright colors that maintain their beautiful lustre for years.


    • Chemically resistant to alkali, strong cleaning and purifying agents required to maintain pool cleanliness.


    • Stain resistant. Dirt and scum scrub off easily.


    • Will not support growth of algae, mildew or mold.


    • No special primer needed. Merely thin first coat with SOX solvent. Apply second coat full strength.


Product Data Sheet

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