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SPEED SEAL Premium Grade Clear Sealer for Limestone

Premium Grade Clear Sealer for Limestone-Natural Stone-Bluestone-Sandstone- Terra-Cotta-Concrete Pavers-Pourous Tile and many other types of Natural Stones.

Florok Speed Seal is a stable,voc compliant emulsion of Silane,siloxane and fluoropolymer. Speed-Seal is a penetrating water, oil,and stain resistant sealer for treating a wide variety of mineral substrates.


Provides a protective barrier which repels both water and oil and allows for easy removal of these soils. Provides transparent vapor permeable protection with minimal effect on appearance. Lengthens substrate life and reduces maintenance costs by reducing cracking,spalling,freezing/thaw damage,chemical degradation, biological growth, efflorescence and dirt pickup and resists graffiti and most paints. Speed-Seal
cures in 4 hours .