Dynatrol® I-XL Hybrid – Masonry Caulk




Masonry Caulk – New technology

Dynatrol® I-XL Hybrid masonry caulk is based on a unique hybrid STPU (silylterminated polyurethane) differentiating it from the standard Dynatrol® I-XL urethane-based sealant. The STPU chemistry allows for a low odor, nonstaining, non-yellowing, one part, moisture curing, gun-grade, isocyanate free sealant.

Specifically designed for sealing dynamic joints between dissimilar materials, of varying coefficients of expansion and contraction on both porous and non-porous surfaces. Caulking cures to a low modulus rubber with extraordinary adhesion, capable of accommodating joint movement of ±50% of the original joint width. It does not yellow, crack or craze on long term exposure to UV light.

Joint Backing: Backer Rod controls the depth of the sealant and allows it to be applied under pressure.  Select a size that will compress 25%.

Application: Joints should be masked to ensure a neat appearance. Sealant should be applied in a continuous operation using sufficient pressure to fill the joint and make complete contact to the joint sides. Tool the sealant slightly concave using dry
tooling techniques.

Tool Time (Initial Skin): 30 minutes at 77° (25°C); 50% relative humidity. Higher temperatures and/or humidity will shorten this time. Lower temperatures and/or humidity will lengthen this time.

Cleaning: Immediately remove all excess sealant and smears adjacent to joints with mineral spirits. For equipment cleanup,
use iso-propyl alcohol or mineral spirits. Consult manufacturer’s SDS for handling and safety precautions.

For expansion and control joints or for gaps larger than 1″ use Dynatrol II applied with a bulk caulking gun.

The complete data sheet with test data is available under data sheets at the top or side of this page.

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Basic Uses

Exterior and interior caulking of door and window perimeters, Expansion and control joints, Coping and coping to facade joints, Cornice and wash joints, Pre-cast tilt-up panels, EIFS and architectural panels, Underside of precast planks, Top of non-load bearing walls, Fiber cement siding


• Non-Staining
• Non-Yellowing
• Paintable as soon as tack free
• Isocyanate free
• Exceptional adhesion
• Moisture tolerant
• Low VOC
• No shrinkage
• Minimal dirt pick-up
• Low odor
• Non-gassing
• Long life
• Fast Cure
• Adhesion to green concrete

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