Industrial Cleaners & Degreasers – Solvent Based

Solve-All #1
Citrus water soluble solvent. Degreases with the strength of a natural citrus solvent.

Solve-All #2
Solve-All # 2 is a natural cleaner, degreaser, stripper, which is designed to replace, chlorinated aromatic and aliphatic cleaning solvents.

A quick-drying fire-proof safety solvent having no flash point and no fire point, used for cleaning all kinds of electrical machinery and equipment even while in operation. It’s electrically non-conductive, non-explosive and non-toxic to bodily organs under normal usage when used as directed. Meets OSHA safety guidelines for solvents.

A moderately priced safety solvent having no flash point to the boiling point and providing excellent cleaning action of a full range of electrical machinery and equipment. Meets OSHA safety guidelines for solvents.

Safety Solvent #3
Safety Solvent #3 was developed to replace ozone depleting solvents without Halogens. Safety Solvent # 3 evaporates very quickly and is non flammable, leaves no residue and does not have any offensive odor.  Safety Solvent # 3 removes grease, oil, adhesives, paint splatters, stampings, and can be used on electric motors without the fear of igniting.

Saife #64
An economical, relatively quick-drying safety solvent used for degreasing electrical equipment and machinery of all kinds, and providing quick, low cost cleaning action. Meets OSHA safety guidelines for solvents.

The all-purpose cleaner with a lemon-fresh fragrance manufactured to be a powerfull concentrate for cleaning, stripping, degreasing and deodorizing.