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How To Clean A Dirty Swimming Pool


One of the biggest mistake that owners of swimming pools do to clean  dirty pools from winter leaves, mold, mildew is to use muriatic acid. The pool doesn’t require an etch to remove the dirt, it really requires a cleaner which can dislodge and loosen the attached dirt from masonry plaster  or from  pool paint without doing damage to the surface. AC-3 Cleaner works great at doing this without burning your smooth finish or burning the pool paint off the surface. AC-3 is a mild cleaner which is non toxic. Pool professionals use AC-3 to clean  existing pools because it cleans and brightens the pool surface. Customers who have used AC-3 are amazed how well it works. They tell us that the plaster looks new and on painted surfaces, the paint looks new. AC-3 works in 3 ways, it contains a mild safe acid, a powerfull detergent, and a safe water soluble solvent. AC-3’s triple action cleaning cannot be found in muriatic acid. For more information on AC-3 call 1-800-922-4623.