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Epoxy Injection made easy

There are a lot of companies selling their systems for injecting Epoxy into concrete cracks either to waterproof them or to structurally weld the concrete. All of these companies sell you everything you need but by the time you are finished purchasing everything the cost runs into the hundreds of dollars. We have devised a proven system that utilizes nothing more than grease fittings and bushings used in the automotive industry. For under a $ 100.00  you can do your own Epoxy Injection without spending a ton  of money. To do a 8 foot crack you need 8 grease fittings, 8 bushings and a bulk loading grease gun and a 1/2″ masonry bit 1 quart of HV Epoxy and 1 quart of low viscosity Epoxy. The directions on our site are very easy with a little mechanical ability a complicated job is made easy and inexpensive. 1-800-922-4623 go to