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Epoxy Adhesive Injection Grout System

Epoxy Adhesives consists for a wide range of special 100% solids Epoxy Resins/Activator formulations. Each one is designed to perform definite adhesive functions that are ideally suited for high pressure injection grouting. Epoxy Adhesive MV is of medium viscosity for general purpose work. LV is low viscosity for hair line crack sealing. HV is heavy viscosity for wide crack use. These products are resistant to water, moisture and most chemicals. When fully cured, its adhesion, cohesion, compressive, and tensile strength is many time greater that the highest grade concrete available, which makes it highly suitable to reunite and repair structural cracks and voids caused by foundation settlement, over loading, wear and building movement. Epoxy Adhesive will grout and seal crack and voids in concrete and masonry, to repair, rebond and weld structural units and surfaces together, fast and economically.

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