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Dynatred Urethane 2 part expansion joint for heavy traffic areas

Dynatred Urethane-
2 part expansion joint for heavy traffic areas

Dyantred is a chemically-curing, cold applied 40-plus Shore A hardness sealant that is ideal for sealing
joints in treads and risers, V-joints and control joints in stadiums, parking decks and ramps, walkways, industrial and warehouse
floors and other areas subjected to heavy foot and vehicular traffic.

Dynatred’s wide color range makes it a desirable sealant for decorative flooring, patios and pedestrian malls.

Dynatred is not self-leveling; thus it is excellent for horizontal joints where the slope may exceed one percent.

Dynatred has exceptional resistance to water submersion and because of this and its color flexibility, it is recommended
for use in swimming pools, fountains and reflecting pools.


100034_W10528C004  100034_W10528C004 Dyna Trol II color chartDynatred