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Duramem 700 SM Sheet Membranes

No longer available. Please search our site for SubSeal 40 and SubSeal 60 as replacements.

Duramem 700-SM elastomeric sheet membranes are designed to waterproof masonry, concrete and wood surfaces, vertically and
horizontally, above and below grade. 700-SM consists of a 60 mil thick rubberized asphalt membrane to which is laminated
a heavy polyethylene film on the face and a siliconized, removable release sheet on the adhesive side. The membrane is cold appliedto primed surface and when firmly pressed against the primer will adhere tenaciously to the substrate

Uniform coverage and mil thickness on the job is assured by close tolerance and strict quality control procedures in the manufacturing process. The adhesive side of the membrane is protected prior to application by a special siliconized release sheet that is easily removed in all workable temperatures.

Basic uses include foundation walls, decks, plazas, balconies, parking garages and ramps, bridges, tunnels, earth shelters,
equipment rooms, kitchens, showers and baths. All are suitable and typical installations for our self-adhering membrane.