Industrial Cleaners & Degreasers – Water Based

USDA approved Class A Cleaning and Degreasing Formula.  A powerful, fireproof, non-toxic, non-explosive, water soluble and rust inhibitive degreasing and cleaning formula operating on a new chemistry of detergent action, providing quick, multi-purpose, economical industrial and institutional cleaning. Replaces dangerous solvents.

Wicket Cleaner
A pre-blended solution that is applied to chain assemblies and metal wickets. Wicket Cleaner is a simple easy method of removing enamels from wickets. This product is applied to wickets and after waiting 15 minutes is removed with water or steam. Once the enamels are removed, wicket cleaner can be neutralized for easy disposal.

#22 Skidoo
Softens paint surfaces more easily, penetrates paint films deeply, and makes rinsing off sticky films easier; no hand scraping! Dissolves (instead of etching) rust, reducing bare metal loss to an absolute minimum, and after treatment re-rusting is greatly reduced compared to acid type de-rusting.