Caulks, Sealants and Accessories

Closed Cell Backer Rod – Soft Rod

backer rod is used for concrete precast building. Backer rods are inserted between the concrete panels to fill the gap, thus providing a ‘backer’ for the caulking that is applied.  Soft Backer Rod is especially suited for applications with irregular and varying joint widths where standard closed cell backer rods are not appropriate and where bubbling concerns are critical.

Dynatrol 1 Pecora

Polyurethane- 1 part expansion joint

Dynatrol 2 Pecora

Urethane- 2 part expansion joint

Urexpan NR-201

One part elastomeric polyurethane sealant

Urethane- 2 part expansion joint for heavy traffic areas

GC-2 Pecora
Polysulfide- 2 part for wet areas

Silicone Sealants
All types

AC-20 Pecora
1 Part Acrylic Latex caulk

NR-200 Pecora
2 Part acrylic latex caulk

Flexible Join Sealant
Hot Pour Rubber-Highway Grade

Duramem H55- V550 Pecora
Membrane waterproofing

Duramem 700SM
Sheet Membrane

Open Cell Polyurethane

Green Rod
Closed Cell

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